Paleo Choc Bites

Paleo Choc Bites

By on Jul 3, 2014 in Sweet Treats | 0 comments

photo-13These paleo choc bites certainly hit the spot when you’re looking for a healthy way to satisfy that chocolate craving. Not only are they delicious, but they are also gluten and sugar free. My sweetener of choice is stevia, but they are also great with raw honey and maple syrup. This is a small batch (about 4 pieces) as I have issues with self control. You can double the quantity and store in the freezer to have on hand when the craving strikes.


1/4 cup coconut oil

1 tablespoon raw cacao

1 tablespoon nut butter of your choice

5 drops liquid stevia (or sweetened to taste)

a few handfuls of chopped activated nuts (walnuts or pecans are my choice)

2 tablespoons shredded coconut


Gently melt coconut oil over low heat.

Stir through remaining ingredients.

You may end up with clumps of nut butter which gives it a nice texture.

Line a small dish with cling film and pour mixture into it.

Freeze for at least 30 minutes.

Slice into small squares.

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